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Save articles that caught your interest. Read & Listen the moment you want.
Designed to read more and complete your reading list.

No Ads. No Tracking.

Read Comfortably

Strips off the clutter from web pages for an enjoyable reading.


Read even offline

Automatically downloads articles to your phone. Read whenever you need.


Listen to your articles

Read to you while you walk, cook, or working out. Make best use of your time. 


From Anywhere

Available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web.

Auto Categories

Auto Categories

Choose a category matching your mood. Health? Technology? may be Arts? Pick what interests you at the moment. You don't have to assign the category in advance, app does this automatically for you.


Highlight your way

Mark key text as you read. Review or share later when you need it. Make yourself easy to remember or recap what's important to you.

Send to Kindle


Let the app read articles to you while you walk, cook, commute or working out - even while offline.
You don't have to trade your productive time for your web reading.

Reading Statistics

Reading progress

Get insights into your reading routine. Your read rate, peak reading time, categories you read, your popular sites & more to help plan and enhance your reading.

Send to Kindle

Send to Kindle

Love the Kindle reading experience? Send articles to your Kindle device (or app) as a book, carefully crafted. Read them at your own pace.


Group and organize with folders and have them across devices. Save directly to a folder with PaperSpan browser extensions.


Search & Filters

Pull out an article with what you remember. Site, title, author, notes & more!
Start reading the article you have in mind.


Jote down the gist out of an article you just read. Summary of lessons learnt, thoughts you got out of an article.



Let the app read articles to you with no interruption in between. Perfect while you walk, drive, or doing daily chores.


PaperSpan works seamlessly across all major devices to keep your reading in sync.
Available for free on iPhone, iPad, Android and Web.


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